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5 Famous Ideas That Came from Dreams

Updated: Jun 29

5 Famous Ideas That Came from Dreams

Inspiration can come to you at times, and in ways you least expect it. One of the most unusual but common sources of inspiration is dreams. While 9 out of 10 dreams are absolute nonsense, that 1 dream can make a huge difference. Sometimes, dreams can give you ideas that are big and meaningful; And no, we aren’t saying this because that’s what we believe; we’re saying this because it has been happening since forever!

Below are 5 of the most popular ideas that came from dreams. As much as you’ll find it hard to believe, it’s really true!

1. Sewing Machine by Elias Howe

The locksmith sewing machine invented in 1845 was a result of a dream Elias Howe had. The inventor had everything for the sewing machine ready. He just didn’t wasn’t sure about the needle’s design. According to the American inventor, he had a dream that he had to complete building his sewing machine or die. He failed to complete it and was stabbed by a spear. The spear had a hole at its tip, and that’s how Elias Howe came up with the design of the needle, and he finally incorporated it into the sewing machine and successfully built the first locksmith sewing machine.

2. Song ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles

One of the most popular songs by The Beatles, Yesterday, is known to stem from a dream. According to Paul McCartney, he heard the tune we now know as Yesterday in a dream. When he woke up, he played the tune on his piano and later decided to make a song.

3. Inception by the Director Christopher Nolan

The movie Inception needs no introduction. Known as one of Christopher Nolan’s greatest works, the concept of this movie came to the director in a dream. He was so intrigued by the idea of dream life being another state of reality that he made an entire script based on it.

4. No.9 Dream by John Lennon

The famous singer John Lennon has admitted that many of his songs are inspired by his dreams. One of the most popular songs by the singer, No.9 Dreams, is also one of those dream-inspired compositions. According to the singer, he heard a nonsensical phrase in his dreams, inspiring him to write the song, No. 9 Dream.

5. Persistence of Memory by Painter Salvador Dali

The next famous idea on our list of ideas inspired by dreams is the world-renowned painting, Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali. A dream in which he saw melting clocks inspired his painting, Persistence of Memory, which has an underlying message of dwindling time.

Just because it’s a dream doesn’t mean it has to be useless. Sometimes, even the most nonsensical dreams have an underlying meaning. You have to have an eye and mind to find out any hidden meaning there may be.

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